Geostatistical reservoir modeling provides multiple equally probable realizations of structure, facies, and petrophysical properties. A large number of realizations should be processed to ensure that production decisions and strategies are not unduly affected by an unusually good or bad simulated realization. Flow simulation, however, often requires significant computational and professional time. Only a few geostatistical realizations can be subjected to detailed flow modeling. An integrated approach is developed for ranking geostatistical realizations. A small number of representative realizations can then be selected for flow processing.

The ranking and selecting of realizations must be tailored to the flow process. Techniques that work for conventional oil and gas reservoirs are not necessarily suitable for in-situ and SAGD bitumen recovery methods. This paper describes static connectivity measures tailored to heavy oil recovery processes from the McMurray Formation. Flow simulation is performed on many geostatistical realizations to calibrate the ranking measures to production response. This permits reliable inference in reservoir areas where it is not possible to perform many flow simulations.

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