The accurate measurement of Oil, Water and Gas/Steam in heavy oil thermal production (SAGD and other Steam Flood Processes) is a very difficult task faced by the heavy oil industry. The accuracy of these measurements is critical for reservoir management and production diagnostics. Mulitphase flow meter technology has been used successfully around the world for over 10 years and in heavy oil "cold" production in Venezuela and other countries. But multiphase technology has never been used in Extra Heavy Oil Thermal Production. The Canadian heavy oil thermal producers regularly see production temperatures exceeding 200 C (392 F) and some wells are approaching 232 C (450 F). New technology is required to accurately measure wells producing at these elevated temperatures. The first field tests using a multiphase flow meter in a heavy oil thermal project was conducted by one of the major Canadian producers in the fall of 2004. Additional tests were completed during the summer of 2005 with another heavy oil producer. This paper will review the unique problems encountered with testing heavy oil in high temperature applications. The test results from multiple well tests and the accuracy of the multiphase flow meters when compared to the field reference will be presented.

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