PDVSA San Tome along with a local manufacturer, have developed two different types of completion that have reduced cost and increase production while making the down hole completion operations simpler and faster.

Intelligent Completion. This type of completion was designed to be able to complete multiple production zones trough a single well bore, taking care of the need to monitor and control the production of each one of the zones individually as required by Venezuelan government.

For well MEL-226, the completion included two sleeves, one zone isolator and one tubing hanger, all of which were hydraulically set in a single trip, the packers were specially designed to allow passage of hydraulic fluid internally. This well was completed in sands zones R4 and T with electro submersible pump (ESP) and is producing 2,500 BPD of 11.5 API, which is 50% more production than conventional single zone completion in this area.

Hydraulic Set Steam Injection and Production Packer. The requirements for this "Injector/Producer" tool was needed to save on well intervention and rig time. The tool had to be set in highly deviated or horizontal sections. It had to allow the pumping of Nitrogen for casing insulation protection, and it required an integrated expansion joint to allow the thermal expansion of the pipe.

After using mechanical models, a 100% hydraulic packer called CB-TIET was designed and more than sixty units were installed, obtaining significant savings on rig time (20,000 $/well) and allowing five days of early production. Likewise, an Injector-Producer packer and steam injection ports were tried to improve the steam distribution throughout the horizontal section of a well located at the Bare Oilfield.

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