This paper analyses the reasons that lead to channeling of the oil and water wells in the Daqing Oilfield. Considering the developed layers' adjustments in the future, a new kind of chemical plugging technique is introduced to shut off the channels without abandoned adjacent layers. To realize the aim of both protecting the adjacent layers and plugging channels, the following steps are usually adopted. First, the channeling intervals should be perforated by a special perforating gun. Second, circulating the channels by a high velocity flush to make sure the agent can be squeezed into it easily. Finally, run the plugging string that carries the agent to the desired depth, increase the pressure to squeeze the agent into the channel, and then waiting for the solidification. Up to now, 12 wells have been treated by this technique. The channeling intervals' thickness is between 1.97 and 38.7 feet. The plugged channels can resist 2175.5psi pressure and the treatments' success ratio was 100%. Applications and excellent results proved that the technique can mitigate contradictions between different layers in the water-flood and polymer-flood area, and it can realize the goal of separate zone injection or separate zone oil production in the Daqing Oilfield.

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