An innovative way to improve the effect of developing low permeability reservoir with waxy oil by CSS is presented in this paper. The mechanism and feasibility of developing a specific waxy and low permeable reservoir by steam injection, Chaoyanggou reservoir in Daqing oil field, has been investigated. The results show that injecting high temperature steam into reservoir can not only reduce the viscosity of waxy oil, but also lead to the thermal expansion of the underground fluid and the distillation of the crude oil. The combining effect can improve sweep efficiency and enhance oil recovery efficiency. The effect of steam soak in two wells in Chaoyanggou oil field was first investigated by numerical simulation. Results demonstrated that using huff and puff method to develop waxy and low permeable reservoir is promising. After laboratory experiments and feasibility studies, a two-well field tests have been conducted in Chaoyanggou region using CSS technology. Encouraging results have been obtained from the field tests.

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