The latest development of a cost effective level 4 multilateral junction was used to complete dual-lateral wells in Mukhaizna and commingle production from the Upper Gharif 2 (UG2) and Middle Gharif (MG) reservoirs. The junction has the ability to be cemented in place and allows selective access to both legs. This is in line with the functional requirement of a dual-lateral well in Mukhaizna that calls for isolating the MGR in case of water breakthrough. The cemented junction also provides a sand barrier around the milled window of the 9.5/8" production casing. To date one level 4 duallateral well using a cemented junction was successfully completed in Mukhaizna. Two previous trials have failed due to operational and design reasons. This paper presents the evolution of well design in Mukhaizna and the benefits of utilising horizontal wells and downhole junctions. It also contains a description of the junction system and some of the problems that were encountered with it and how they were resolved in subsequent trials.

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