Over 500 horizontal wells have been drilled into the Cummings/Dina channel trend between Senlac and Winter since 1990. These wells produce 13 – 14 API oil with a gas free viscosity of 3600 cp from a depth of 700 meters. Production peaks at about 20 to 60 m3/d oil with 10% water and 1.5% sand. Oil production eventually declines as water cut increases. Sanding events can limit oil production rates and recovery.

Wellbore trajectory control has improved significantly in the last 10 years, the latest improvement being ‘inclination at the bit.’ Selected wells were analyzed to determine the key factors between sinuosity and production rate and ultimate recovery, and the changes in the effect of these key factors over the last 10 years. Incentive and methodology for development of current flatter wells is discussed, and predictions for production from current flatter wells are given.

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