In heavy and extra-heavy oil production, additionally to the rod-pumping artificial lift method, we must consider using fluid's physical property modification in order to make it easier to produce and distribute. Some methods widely used are steam and dilute injection in order to modify oil viscosity and API, respectively.

Optimizing Alternate Steam processes implies monitoring variations in Steam injections cycles and observe the well production decrement as cycles are completed. One way to optimize production in each cycle is controlling rod-pumping speed, not only to obtain the more production we can, but also to preserve well energy in order to span cycle life. Also, with the information collected, it is possible to make the well by itself indicates when to start a new steam cycle and observe well's declination.

Dilute optimization is a continuous process that considers injection in field and production line. Experiences were collected based on saving dilute injected and obtaining oil production keeping a high cost/benefit relationship.

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