It is sure that production equipment has to handle solids, which are released from the reservoir rock during hydrocarbon extraction. Subsequently it is necessary to define all operational consequences and circumstances at an early project stage. But solids released during well intervention operations or disposal of any kind of fluid through the flowlines strictly have to be avoided or taken care of by special actions. This is especially true when rotating equipment such as twin-screw multiphase pumps are part of the downstream production train.

Operation parameters mostly influencing the wear, such as axial fluid velocities and product viscosity are outlined. The wear pattern due to erosion as well as abrasion occurring in Multiphase Pumps with its effect on boosting operations is described. Increasing suction pressure and pump temperature definitely are a sign for a decreasing capacity of the pump so that production forecast can not be met any longer. Excessive leakage from the mechanical seals are another one.

Preventive measures are to be taken in case of solids transport anticipated. Material selection, but moreover surface treatment of the effected pump internals offer a variety of chances to reduce the wear.

But neither can such wear be excluded nor avoided as it is the same for any other equipment used in such environment.

Special attention is given to the mechanical seals, whose wear sometimes can stop operations immediately. Different material selections for this equipment seldom offers improvement, and may even lead to a worse situation.

Equipment used to filter the fluid stream can be used. It is necessary to design them for multiphase flow with sometimes severe slugging to occur. Strainers (at least temporary) are a must after any work on the flowlines to the pump.

Examples from field installations will finalise this paper outlining the experience gained under a variety of operating parameters, surface treatments, mechanical seal arrangements, and filtering equipment

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