The Orinoco Oil Belt keeps a firm path towards the manufacturing of upgraded crude oils. Currently, all efforts are concentrated on the production of its first barrel of synthetic crude oil from the first of the four environmental friendly world class projects in progress (named Petrozuata, Cerro Negro, Sincor and Hamaca) in the Jose area, located on the northeastern side of the country. Its huge reserves support at least ten additional new projects, each processing some 200 MBCD for a 35-year period to manufacture L/M crude oils and high quality products in Venezuela. These potential new projects would represent an outstanding impulse to the economic development of the eastern part of the country. Several options to integrate production activities, upgrading plant schemes and locations, as well as market opportunities have been studied. Options contributing with the highest added value to the nation and project partners are highlighted in this paper. The "tailor made" upgrading schemes to process extra heavy crude oils contribute to strengthen the quality of the Venezuelan hydrocarbon exports package, and furthermore, maximize its value. A new project to transform extra heavy crude oil from the Orinoco Oil Belt could also support commercial efforts to penetrate new markets as well as contribute to the development of the national chemical industry through the industrialization of off gases and solids produced in its upgrading plant. The study results confirm the Orinoco Oil Belt as PDVSA secure source of light, medium and heavy crude oil and high quality products, offering likewise excellent opportunities for the participation of strategic foreign partners and national investors in the Venezuelan hydrocarbon business.

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