Petrozuata C.A. has initiated an aggressive campaign of constructing multilateral wells in their shallow extra-heavy-oil field in the Faja of the Orinoco River, Venezuela. The RapidTieBack* multilateral drilling and completion system has been used on many of the multilaterals.1 The system uses a casing section, with a factory-milled window, that is run in the 9 5/8-in. production casing string. Lateral 8 1/2-in. boreholes are drilled from the 9 5/8-in. casing and fitted with 7-in. slotted liners. The system employs a liner tieback on the top of the 7-in. liner. The liner tieback is mechanically pressed into the window. The tieback creates a fullbore TAML Level 3 (lateral cased, uncemented) junction. The fullbore access within the 9 5/8-in. production casing allows placement of a progressive cavity pump (PCP) below the junction(s) and thus closer to the lowest lateral. The system utilizes a production whipstock to allow selective reentry into any lateral.

The benefits of utilizing this system and a general description of the running procedures are presented in this paper. Some of the problems are described as well as the changes to the procedures that helped prevent reoccurrence of the problems.

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