Driver Production was one of four companies awarded a grant from the US Department of Energy as a result of a competitive procurement for small independent producers to demonstrate economic application of gas repressurization of oil reservoirs. Driver Production proposed a Flue Gas Injection (N2 and CO2) project in a five-spot pattern in the East Edna Field, Okmulgee County, Oklahoma, USA. The paper describes the design, construction, start-up, expansion and operation of a flue gas project that uses produced natural gas as the energy source for combustion and compression. Changing the engine to a larger unit to allow for higher gas injection capacity and for injection at higher pressure demonstrated the need for critical control of flue gas quality to minimize corrosion problems associated with CO2 injection. The project has demonstrated that even small operators can successfully implement gas repressurization to increase oil production from a pressure-depleted reservoir. The project, initiated in 1996, continues to increase oil and natural gas production as long as flue gas is injected. The economics of the project and success to date have prompted the project operator and other operators who have visited and analyzed the project to consider application of flue gas in their small pressure depleted reservoirs.

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