The paper represents, mainly, a review on the state of the art concerning the suitable bacterial inoculum used during the last 15 years in the field trials carried out in Romanian's oil fields.The experience accumulated during the last 35 years, mainly in countries as USA, Russia, Cechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Romania, China, Canada,Australia and Great Britain proved that the bacterial inoculum is one of the basic components for the success of the MEOR method. It was also, already proved that the MEOR method from the technological point of view has a few possibilities of application in the field literature as: 1) microbial wellbore cleanup; 2) microbial well stimulation: 3) microbial enhanced waterflooding; 4; microbial permeability modification; 5) microbial polymer flooding; 6) microbial mitigation of wellbore; 7) activation of the strata and injection water microflora.In addition to these technologies of MEOR method, a few other could beadded as: Microbial Fracturing fluids Recovery, Microbial Paraffin Removal Treatment,etc, hut the above ones seems to be most representative and already proved to be of future.

In Romania during the period 1971-1991 the laboratory and field activity on MEOR method carried out without any interruption. In the laboratory the activity was much more complex, and continuously, while in the field in two periods (1975-1980 and 1986-1990) were carried out field trials, using the technologies mentioned above that ones nominated at points 1, 2 and 3, In framework of these technologies it was used generally the same kind of bacterial inoculum namely: "Adapted Mixed Enrichment Cultures" (AMEC), which proved to have a very good growth under reservoir conditions with temperatures up to 55°C» salinity up to 100-150 g/1, deepness up to 1000-1500 m and oil viscosity up to 50 cp.During the last two years it was concluded that a mobile unit- or a special equipment with all the technical facilities for isolation, adaptation, characterisation and multiplication of such a bacterial inoculum - straight in the field, is very necessary. Such kind of equipment was recently designed in Romania, and is recommended to be used in future.

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