Thermal oil recovery was first started in 1966, in Trintopec's operations, with a small cyclic pilot project in the Palo Seco field. Twenty-five (25) years of thermal recovery, comprising cyclic and flood operations, have witnessed vigorous growth and dynamic expansion to the extent that, by 1991, the thermal recovery statistics are as follows:

  • Steamflood operations exist in all the Company's major land fields, viz., Palo Seco, Central Los Bajos, Guapo, North Fyzabad and Apex-Quarry/Coora/Quarry.

  • Total production from thermal recovery averages 9100 bopd, representing 55% of Trintopec's current land production.

  • A total of approximately 40000 bspd is being supplied by 23 steam generators to more than 150 steam injectors.

This paper presents highlights of Trintopec's experiences in the design, implementation and operation of thermal oil recovery schemes. New concepts, innovations, modelling and monitoring techniques over the past twenty-five (25) years are outlined, and, in addition, projections for the future are indicated.

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