This paper summarizes the results of field application of EOR techniques in the former Soviet Union. 175,000 barrels of incremental oil per day were produced in 1991 due to their implementation in different geological and environmental conditions. 55% of total production- or 96,500 BOPD were produced with the application of chemical methods, 64,500 BPD- or 37% were produced due to thermal and the rest - due to gas injection methods.

The hydrodynamic improved oil recovery methods based on waterflooding technique and reservoir management brought another 600,000 BPD additional oil.The future of enhanced oil production depends on wide application of both conventional and nonconventional advanced methods tested in laboratories and in field sites and provided for their high efficiency.

The outlook of wide application of EOR and IOR techniques by the years 2000 and 2010 at different economical conditions is presented.

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