This paper presents a new methodology, based on field performance data, for optimally distributing miscible gas to the 70 patterns under water alternating gas flood in the Prudhoe Bay Miscible Gas Project (PBMGP). In addition the new approach controls the timing of the miscible flood expansion to a further 60 waterflood patterns. The guiding philosophy of this approach is to maximize the efficient use of the miscible injectant (MI) by minimizing its wastage.

This methodology was implemented in the field in 1991 and is expected to increase by 50% the current volume of oil being mobilized by the Ml.

The projected ultimate recovery of 410 - 480 mmstb of oil from the expanded PBMGP is equivalent to the reserves of a major oil field. For comparison the PBMGP reserves are larger than most North Sea projects currently under development. For this reason it is clearly vital to effectively manage a project of this magnitude.

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