A DOE-sponsored field test of the cyclic CO2 injection process was conducted by members of Louisiana State University's Petroleum Engineering Department in conjunction with an independent operator. The test well was the Frank J. Bollich, et al. No. 5, located in Acadia Parish, Louisiana, and operated by Southwest Gas Producing, Inc. The well was' drilled in December, 1987, and completed in the 4500 ft. Channel Sand of the Bayou Mallet Field. This reservoir has a 17 ft. oil zone overlying an 83 ft. water zone. Prior to CO2 injection, the well was producing on a pump at a rate of 17 BOPD and 160 BWPD.

Approximately 120 tons CO2 were injected into the well on July 1, 1991. After injection, the well was shut-in for a soak period, and production was resumed on July 29, 1991. The well produced only gas for three days, then production ceased and the well was placed on a pump. Fluid production has been impaired due to the formation of a CO2, oil, water foam/emulsion. Current production is 15 bbl fluid per day, with 10 STB oil and 5 bbl water.

Air emissions were monitored during CO2 injection and production. Atmospheric CO2 levels were elevated for only a short period of time during CO2 injection and during the first two days of production. After the second day of production, atmospheric CO2 levels returned to pre-test concentrations.

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