A tracer program to identify channels within the Grayburg/San Andres formations prior to CO2 injection has been performed and analyzed at the Maljamar Cooperative Agreement (MCA) Unit. For safety and costs reasons two separate interwell tracer surveys or phases were conducted. In the Phase 1 tests tritium was injected into 62 wells through injection headers to identify field areas where channelling occurs. Within 12 weeks, 25 out of 177 producing wells sampled had a response. Tritium was used because it has a larger acceptable response window between its minimum detectable level and the maximum safe peak response than other available radioactive tracers. This first survey provided important design information for the second survey which included tracers with smaller response windows. The Phase 2 tests included the 19 producers with the larger Phase 1 responses and their 27 active offset injectors. With the use of multiple tracers, the Phase 2 tests identified 14 problem injection wells as channelling sources. Unexpectedly, the source of some channels was farther away than the nearest offset injectors. In addition, the two tracer surveys showed that tracer flow is sensitive to changes in operating conditions. Thus, every reasonable effort should be made to perform tracer surveys under normal operating conditions.

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