DOE's Bartlesville Energy Technology Center has completed a micellar-polymer flood in the Delaware-Childers Field in NE Oklahoma. The producing horizon was the oil-wet Bartlesville sandstone, at a depth of 620 to 700 ft., which has a net pay thickness of 52 ft, an average permeability of 100 md, and an average porosity of 21 percent. Estimated oil saturation was 32 to 36 percent of 33° API gravity oil. Injection of the approximately 0.1 PV of micellar fluid was started April 28, 1976, following five months of brine preflush. Micellar injection was completed and polymer injection started October 5, 1976. Injection of the approximately 0.4 PV of polymer was completed in August 1979 and fresh water injection started. Pressure and flow for the injection-wells were monitored instrumentally. Spot checks for the quality of injected and produced fluids were made by chemical analysis. The project was not technically or economically a success, but did provide much information that is proving useful in other similar projects. A small amount of tertiary oil was produced by the micellar-polymer system.

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