The Pennsylvanian–age Morrow sandstone within the Farnsworth field unit of the Anadarko basin presents an opportunity for CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and sequestration (CCUS). At Farnsworth, Chaparral Energy's EOR project injects anthropogenic CO2 from nearby fertilizer and ethanol plants into the Morrow Formation. Field development initiated in 1955 and CO 2injection started December 2010. The Southwest Regional Partnership on Carbon Sequestration (SWP) is using this project to monitor CO2 injection and movement in the field to determine CO2 storage potential in CO2-EOR projects.

This paper presents a field scale compositional reservoir flow modeling study in the Farnsworth Unit. The performance history of the CO2 flood and production strategies have been investigated for optimizing oil and CO2 storage. A high resolution geocellular model constructed based on the field geophysical, geological and engineering data acquired from the unit. An initial history match of primary and secondary recovery was conducted to set a basis for CO2 flood study. The performance of the current CO 2miscible flood patterns were subsequently calibrated to the history data. Several prediction models were constructed including water alternating gas (WAG), and infill drilling using the current active and newly proposed flood patterns.

A consistent WAG showed a highly probable way of ensuring maximum oil production and storage of CO2 within the Morrow formation.

The production response to the CO2 flooding is very impressive with a high percentage of oil production attributed to CO2 injection. Oil production increasingly exceeded the original project performance anticipated. More importantly, a large volume of injected CO2 has been sequestered within the Morrow Formation.

The reservoir modeling study provides valuable insights for optimizing oil production and CO2 storage within the Farnsworth Unit. The results will serve as a benchmark for future CO2–EOR or CCUS projects in the Anadarko basin or geologically similar basins throughout the world.

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