In order to improve the oil production and recovery in Chichimene heavy oil field, an air injection process is planned to be implemented: GSAI (Gravity Stable Air Injection). The first step is to conduct a pilot test in the field with a startup planned for 2013. Laboratory work and analysis with analytical and numerical models indicated that the process can achieve of around 30% of additional recovery factor over primary production.

Chichimene is one of the Ecopetrol S.A heavy oil fields, located 50 km south of Villavicencio city, Meta. The field has been in production since 2002 from the T2 formation using vertical wells with conventional casing (approximately 20 wells), drilled on 40 acre spacing and without water production so far, API gravity of 10 °API and viscosity of 150 cp at reservoir conditions (185° F and 3600 psia). At such a reservoir conditions the crude has good mobility making it a good candidate for ECO-GSAI technology. A similar opportunity, but less favorable in Suplacu of Barcau (Romania), has shown improvement in the recovery factor of 9% to over 50%.

This paper presents the screening, reservoir characterization, laboratory work, numerical simulation, and other design considerations for planning and justification of the pilot.

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