This paper presents comparisons between drainage capillary pressure curves computed directly from 3D micro-tomographic images (micro-CT) and laboratory measurements conducted on the same core samples. It is now possible to calculate a wide range of petrophysical and transport properties directly from micro-CT images or from equivalent network models extracted from these images. Capillary pressure is sensitive to rock microstructure and the comparisons presented are the first direct validation of image based computations. The measured data include centrifuge and mercury injection drainage capillary pressure for fired Berea, Bentheimer and Obernkirchner sandstones and unfired Mount Gambier carbonate. The measurements cover a wide range of porosities and permeabilities. The measurements are made on core samples with different diameters (2.5 cm, 1.5 cm, 1 cm and 0.5 cm) to assess the effect of up-scaling on capillary pressure measurements. The smallest diameter samples were also used to obtain the 3D micro-CT images. Good agreement is obtained between the experimental measurements and direct computations on 3D micro-CT images.

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