The petroleum industry has continued to show more interest in the application of artificial intelligence (AI). Most professional gatherings now have sub-themes to highlight AI applications. Similarly, the number of publications featuring AI applications has increased. The industry is facing the challenge of scaling up the applications to practical and impactful levels. Most of the applications end up in technical publications and narrow proofs of concept. For the industry's digital transformation objective to be fully achieved, efforts are required to overcome the current limitations. This paper discusses possible causes of the prevailing challenges and prescribes a number of recommendations to overcome them. The recommendations include ways to handle data shortage and unavailability issues, and how AI projects can be designed to provide more impactful solutions, regenerate missing or incomplete logs, and provide alternative workflows to estimate certain reservoir properties. The results of three successful applications are presented to demonstrate the efficacy of the recommendations. The first application estimates a log of reservoir rock cementation factors from wireline data to overcome the limitation of the conventional approach of using a constant value. The second application used the machine learning methodology to regenerate missing logs possibly due to tool failure or bad hole conditions. The third application provides an alternative approach to estimate reservoir rock grain size to overcome the challenges of the conventional core description. Tips on how these applications can be integrated to create a bigger impact on exploration and production (E&P) workflows are shared. It is hoped that this paper will enrich the current AI implementation strategy and practice. It will also encourage increased synergy and collaborative integration of domain expertise and AI methods to make better impact and achieve the digital transformation of E&P business goals.

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