There are certain online tools that serve as a comprehensive toolbox in specific areas of engineering including but not limited to chemical and mechanical engineering. These tools provide quick online access to a broad range of equations used in the area of interest while serving as a convenient tool for professionals that do not have access to a comprehensive library or that are not familiar enough with the subject to locate the equation required. Thus, the objective of online Petroleum Engineering Toolbox is to provide users in academia and the industry - with or without petroleum engineering background - a comprehensive and convenient 24/7 accessible source for petroleum engineering and related calculations, offering calculations and technical description of over 1000 formulas.

Petroleum Engineering Toolbox consists of 2 main sections: (1) Equations, (2) Technical Manual / Reference featuring a total of over thousand calculations in Reservoir, Drilling, Production, Well Testing, Flow, Laboratory Experiments, Economics, PVT, Logging, Optimization, Well Stimulation, EOR and Thermodynamics. The Technical Manual/Reference section is to serve as a library for reference tables, charts, tables in petroleum engineering, thus, providing a very convenient tool for engineers working anywhere in the world where it is hard to access sources of information including fields, offshore and onshore remote locations. It outlines the theory of equations used in calculations with units for the most convenient and user-friendly experience. The Petroleum Engineering Toolbox is available online and as a mobile application for better use on mobile devices. Its online interface is entirely built on top of open source technology. Server side connection is done by Apache 2.4.9 Web Server and PHP Version 5.2.4. MySQL Version 5.5 is used as Database. JQuery (version: 1.4.1), a JavaScript library is used to traverse the HTML document and to make AJAX requests. Formula representations are done by MathJax open source library.

Petroleum Engineering Toolbox is available for all PCs’ (Windows and Mac), tablets and mobile devices through a mobile friendly online user interface. It is also accessible to iPhone and iPad users as a mobile application.

There is no such comprehensive and globally-available toolbox in the oil and gas industry, thus, the Petroleum Engineering Toolbox is a first of its kind serving professionals in the oil industry and academia.

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