Nowadays, it becomes a fact that knowledge is the number one resource of organizations, and having that knowledge managed and shared effectively gives the organization the competitive advantages among other organizations. Many oil and gas organization believes that having a good systems and environment for knowledge sharing will have positive effect on the learning curve of both individual and organization.

In this study the researchers are testing the relationship between the knowledge sharing and employee development and address the key knowledge sharing factors that might have positive relationship with employee effectiveness and so development.

An empirical study used to investigate this relationship in two oil and gas companies in United Arab Emirates, a 150 questionnaires were distributed in both companies, it consist of 46 items addressing four factors of knowledge sharing named Organizational culture, Individual Communications skills, Procedural justice, Supervision and feedback. The dependent variable is employee development. 124 responses were valid to use. The analysis were done using the statistical package of social science software (SPSS) and the results showed positive relationship between the global variables (knowledge sharing and employee development) but surprisingly there is one knowledge sharing factor showed no relationship with employee development, it is the one called “Individual Communications skills”.

At the end of the study the researchers address the limitations of the study and suggest some recommendations for organizations to use in order to improve knowledge sharing which should lead to employee development and accordingly that can give the organization better competitive advantage. Finally the researchers give some suggestions for future research.

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