Integrated operation (IO), the technologies used to enable distributed collaboration, was introduced to the petroleum industry many years ago, and is being successfully used for production optimization and real-time drilling operation. Previous operations prove it adds value to the industry.

The paper presents a workflow to develop and implement IO on offshore formation testing, which is formation pressure measurement and fluid sampling. The nature of offshore formation testing requires fast and effective decision-making during operation. And each decision is invaluable in the operation process. This paper is to give an answer of how to maximize the value of formation testing by IO.

Offshore formation testing brings together individuals from various disciplines, locations (offshore/onshore) and organizations (oil company/service supplier). The decision-making calls for contributions from all individuals. More importantly, the decision depends on real-time updated data which is measured and monitored from test. These features of formation testing coincide with the application of IO theory, which focuses on cooperation across disciplines using real-time information.

This paper describes the specializations of offshore formation testing operation, and lists the top benefits by the implementation of IO. Experiences are learned from other offshore-related disciplines in the petroleum industry. An optimal workflow to improve the decision-making process in formation testing is suggested. Furthermore, the responsibilities of individuals who are involved in formation testing are defined. At the end, we illustrate an example of the application of this model.

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