One of the critical operations during the exploration phase is well testing required determining fluid type, flow rate, and the sustainability of the production. With the right planning, technology and implementation, well testing can ensure reservoir quality and production such as, permeability, initial reservoir pressure, hydraulic fracture parameters, near wellbore formation damage, geometry of the reservoir, and reserve quantities.

Exploration Well Testing Operations require a complex integration of various services including surface well testing, artificial lift via coiled tubing, downhole data transmission and on-site operational activities. The increase in exploration activities involves various service companies’ proprietary data acquisition systems that introduce a challenge for decision makers due to segmented data and information. This calls for establishing an integrated unified viewer combining the operational data for engineers to enable real-time data supervision, technical support and decision making from the headquarters to well-site locations reducing operational risks and optimize required cost.

This paper highlights the progress of the real time data transmission interface to support highly active exploration well testing operations in Saudi Aramco.

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