Smart Metering Solutions have been developed and implemented on TOTAL assets by combining digital technology and in house metering expertise to improve quality of data needed for reservoir monitoring, installation operation and fiscal applications.

Deployment within TOTAL upstream operations is presented with specific highlights both on the design of metering systems and network but also on the real operation of metering and allocation systems in the field.

TOTAL Smart Metering Solutions used so far to improve field operation of systems are based on

  • Optimized metering network design with selection of suitable metering and communication technology.

  • Remote Metering Monitoring (RMM) which consists basically in the continuous monitoring of pertinent flow and sensor process data which are made available in real time historian data base.

  • Use of customized software tools ranging from business routines for routine follow up of metering systems and sensors to advanced software for overall verification and validation of like data validation and reconciliation (DVR)

  • Collaborative work in Smart Metering Room (SMR) putting together experts, site specialists, data users and suppliers to quickly trouble shoot systems

Examples of Remote Metering Monitoring and Smart Metering Room applications used by TOTAL for surveillance of multiphase metering systems located in different units worldwide with limited access are presented.

In addition to significant improvement on metering performance and data quality, implementation of Smart Metering is associated with cost reduction and more efficient way of working / solving problems.

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