The last several years have seen an explosion in the number new fields and increments being equipped with Intelligent Field technology, which includes remote monitoring and control of wells in real-time, as well as the acquisition of high frequency pressure and rate data from permanent downhole monitoring systems (PDHMS). This paper shows how this Intelligent Field data is being leveraged to obtain full-field reservoir characterization using both analytical and numerical pressure transient analysis methods. Utilizing data from a Saudi Aramco “intelligent” field, collected over a seven-month period, the paper employs pressure transient analysis to investigate the presence of reservoir boundaries and heterogeneities, and to obtain reservoir and well properties. This work reveals the importance of Intelligent Field data, how it can add value for the pressure trainset analysis, and how it is essential in the multiwell interpretation technique to yield accurate analysis. Major heterogeneity in the reservoir of this field was successfully detected and analyzed using the numerical multiwell interpretation technique, made available by Intelligent Field technology. The results are also compared with pressure transient analysis results from wireline gauge data collected through traditional buildup tests conducted on the same wells, to illustrate the distinct advantages of using Intelligent Field data over traditional wireline test data.

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