This paper describes the development and implementation of a unique new capability to automatically measure the performance of drilling crews and Invisible Lost Time; the supporting technology service makes it possible to carry out detailed comparisons of the performance of crews across a large number of installations. This technology service uses rig sensor data to automatically generate an objective description of the drilling process using the patented “Automated Operations Recognition System” without the need of additional personnel or equipment on the rig site.

This simply will help improving rig performance of drilling and tripping operations and allow benchmarking and comparison between different rigs and different crews etc.

The service is used to;

  • Analyze the drilling process at a high level of quality and detail which complements traditional morning reporting. The patented “Automatized Operations Recognition System” has the potential to significantly reduce total well time by setting standardized and objective benchmarks in order to identify non-productive or “Invisible Lost Time”, otherwise known as “ILT” and to maintain an increase in performance.

  • Uses a well-defined set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure drilling performance accurately in order to make Invisible Lost Time visible.

  • Compare actual performance with predefined practices, and then maintain performance-optimized procedures once they are in place.

  • Optimize an organization’s performance through benchmarking and trend analysis using Automated Drilling Performance Measurement system.

Among many of the examples presented in the paper will be one on the variation in the tripping slip to slip connection time and drilling weight to weight time of 4 wells on 3 rigs.

In addition, the variation among different drilling crews on each rig which showed huge differences when comparing similar operations. The paper will also present the potential savings after implementing this initiative.

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