Enhance Oil Recover wells require a greater degree of monitoring and the necessity to respond immediately to anomalies. This is a case study of how a National Oil Corporation moved from one Well and Reservoir Management focused Collaborative Work Environment to a countrywide deployment of eleven CWE’s involved in integrated production system management, monitoring and development of fields moving over to Enhanced Oil Recovery.


To demonstrate how a new design approach to CWE’s permitted Operations teams to use real-time data and exception based surveillance to identify anomalies sooner, maximise the use of collaborative processes and technology to decide faster and ultimately perform better. This paper will explore how a second generation CWE can facilitate collaboration between WRM and Development teams to transition from self-producing wells to EOR wells.


This approach was implemented in Oman across all clusters with Gas lift, beam pumps, Electrically Submersible Pumps, Steam and polymer injection.

The time taken to bring well back to full production was reduced and consequently deferment decreased.


The following changes in patterns of behavior were observed:

  • Restructuring subsurface teams created advantages and enabled more experienced resources to coach less experienced staff;

  • Cross-functional collaboration between subsurface and field teams improved performance;

  • Exception based surveillance permitted monitoring of very large fields;

  • Constant Virtual Video Communication increases productivity.


The conclusions can be summarized under the following headings:

  1. Collaboration in subsurface management

    • With finite resources combined teams increases detailed knowledge and raises competency standards.

  2. Cross-functional cooperation

    • Providing integrated business processes which facilitate collaboration between subsurface and operations teams leads to better communication and faster response,

    • Interventions are better planned, aligned and scheduled.

  3. Appropriate Digital Technologies

    • Need to be real-time exception based monitoring tools.

  4. Optimised Audio-Visual Facilities

    • Demands clearly identified collaboration events.

Significance of Subject Matter

This demonstrates how a dynamic approach to deployment of a standard solution can be adapted to meet the individual challenges faced by a diverse set of oilfields with a varied Enhanced Oil Recovery strategy.

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