This paper presents an approach to monitor, support and optimize reservoir performance in real time using an Intelligent Field. The approach is demonstrated with a case study based on the experience of implementing Intelligent Field solutions in one of Saudi Aramco's onshore fields. The field is equipped with surface and subsurface instrumentation to capture and deliver real time data. The case study highlights the critical process of utilizing Intelligent Field data to monitor compliance between actual well production/injection rates and the reservoir management guidelines.

The case study shows a giant field with under-saturated, heterogeneous and peripheral water-flooded reservoirs. A fundamental part of reservoir management best practices is to balance the pressure distribution within the reservoir and to ensure uniform flood front movement in the field through maintaining a calculated voidage replacement ratio (VRR). Due to the heterogenous nature of the reservoirs, the voidage replacement level is different from one area to another, which adds complexity in designing and monitoring the optimal injection-production ratios and guidelines. Frequent violations of these guidelines could lead to unwanted consequences, such as early water breakthrough and undesired reservoir pressure.

The demonstrated workflow starts by assigning monthly wells production/injection guidelines based on the field target rate, well status and reservoir/well performance. Then, the workflow captures the real time flowing wellhead pressure and temperature to convert them through IPR/VLP models to rates. Then the calculated rate per well is compared to the assigned target rate per the production/injection guidelines. Responsible engineers receive compliance reports twice a day to take remedial action as needed.

Implementing this workflow helped both reservoir and production engineers to monitor changes in well performance and ensure the compliance to the target rates in real time.

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