In recent years, oilfield companies have realized the value of real-time data and have set up real-time centers to monitor multiple wells in a given area remotely. With the advancement of rig communications, several wells can be streamed to these real-time centers where they are monitored by real-time engineers.

In addition to the data streamed from both surface and downhole sensors to real-time centers, operational information is communicated electronically via emails, daily reports, and meetings; this information must be manually entered or interpreted by real-time engineers. We have observed that this takes precious time away from the real-time engineers’ core function of monitoring.

However, as real-time centers mature, there must be a focus on merging operational information with real-time streaming data to reduce communication lag time and raise the real-time engineer’s situational awareness at all times. Coupling business systems with real-time monitoring software will have an immediate impact on the entire process, reducing communication time and instantaneously syncing the real-time center with rig operations.

A first step towards this goal is to provide the real-time monitoring software with the ability to pull in and merge operational data with streamed data from the wellsite. Operational data can then be viewed on demand and updated automatically as well as visualized together with the streamed data through predefined dashboards. Up-to-date operations information changes will be synchronized to the real-time monitoring systems and brought to the attention of the real-time engineers.

As a result of the implementation, a step change has been observed in the situational awareness of real-time engineers, improving their interpretation of the current situation and their influence on operational changes. Finally, there remains a need to move towards digital information exchange between these systems in both directions to provide a more collaborative environment.

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