As part of Smart Fields, deployment of surveillance solutions adds a lot of value to further field development and well and reservoir management by providing insight into the reservoir behaviour and therefore enabling timely decisions. Solutions need to be tailored for the specific field, production type, purpose, or environment. We have developed a framework to ensure that we deploy the right Field Surveillance solutions for each type of field and asset.

In this paper, we describe how we screen, decide applicability, and deploy integrated Field Surveillance solutions for the Shell portfolio. As guidance, we make use of a newly build Solutions Advisory. This advisory, for example, highlights which solutions are standard in which environment, meaning that you would have to justify why not to implement. We will describe how this assessment and deployment works with a field example from an onshore EOR field. Substantial value has been added as a result of the optimized, fit for purpose surveillance program, linked to a decision-logic with identified control measures.

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