The successful implementation of a world-leading integrated digital oilfield (IDOF) with a national oil company (NOC) required extremely careful and innovative management of the large-scale change required for the project. In particular, the "people side" of that change management was key for embedding the project in the NOC organization and, in turn, making the USD multi-million project a success.

This paper outlines the NOC expectations and describes the steps and processes required to initiate and mobilize the people side of change in the IDOF project and also details the change management challenges experienced before the people- side-focused strategy was determined to be the way forward. Using a simple people-side-focused change methodology not only ensured that the project was successful in terms of return on capital employed (ROCE) but also began the process of ownership and eased the adoption of the IDOF into the current NOC organization. The change management methodology described in this paper was designed to cover and mitigate important challenges that were relevant in driving the people side of change, particularly the following:

  • WIIFM—"what’s in it for me" scenarios.

  • Culture—the way things are done around here.

  • Success—collaboration, technology leap frogging, people, and oil gains.

This paper describes the main successes, key lessons learned, observations, and progress made against the clearly defined NOC expectations.

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