There is more to Intelligent Energy than information and communications technology. Getting full value from digitization in oil production requires rethinking how groups get work done, and providing the organizational capabilities to support that change.

A study of six major oil and gas companies that have all been implementing Intelligent Energy for more than five years was carried out. In this study we find that in order to implement changes at the asset level, we need to focus not just on providing an information and communications technology backbone, but more importantly, on documenting and clarifying business and group interaction rules, roles & accountabilities, and on providing ongoing coaching and feedback to all participants.

We also find that implementing effective group operational decision making across a global firm requires active involvement of local groups as well as global support, in the form of specific global organizational units that sustain and scale new ways of working. These global units are not implementing change top-down; rather they are working center-out. They coordinate efforts around continuous improvement and integration of effective practices, adoption through business pull, global governance by top operational leaders, and multiple forms of ongoing coaching. This paper will summarize the results from the study and make recommendations for the effective implementation of Intelligent Energy.

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