The Litoral de Tabasco Production Asset (APLT) in Pemex southwest marine region has a technological solution of automated workflows which allow the operations department, captures all operational conditions, volumetric wells, production facilities and equipment. Furthermore, meters asset allows the generation of operational daily reports, as well as the integration of engineering workflows to estimate the production of wells daily and detection of faults of production in the wells that are published promptly on panels for monitoring the well production.

In order to support the current processes and future growth plans of APLT and standardization in nationwide PEMEX in the processes of both departments, Wells Operation (COPIE) and Design (CDE), a network model is created to integrate to existing operation data base which allows automating workflows to estimate production parameters, to evaluate scenarios and detect faults under current operation conditions.

The technological solution measures the impact caused by schedule shutdowns, increases or reduce the production in the pipelines, changes in the philosophy operation of network, incorporate the production in the flowline, backpressure or bottlenecks and provide an alternative method to estimate flowrates and pressures in each network node.

The interconnection with the existing operational data base permits the automatically update the network model, this process analyses the production facilities conditions continuously, as well as support assessment of development scenarios in order to generate recommendations to maximize profitability the Asset.

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