Although oilfield workflow automation processes have been implemented in the oil and gas industry during the last decade, the full impact and value of these technologies has yet to be realized. Tremendous potential still exists to implement new technology to maximize production, increase operational efficiency, and reduce down time/non-productive time. The Kuwait Integrated Digital Field project (KwIDF) is a novel intelligent digital oilfield operation for Kuwait Oil Company, the operator of the Sabriyah field in North Kuwait.

The project has successfully implemented improvements in field's operational efficiency by reducing the down time in artificial lift completion, increasing well productivity, and preventing water production. This paper provides an overview of the project from the perspective of field data acquisition, data analysis, model analysis, diagnostics, and operational optimization conducted in "right time" in the operator’s state-of-the-art collaboration center.

The automated workflow system orchestrates integrated solutions that not only provide monitoring in real time, but also enable diagnostics and optimization for individual wells. The automated workflow integration and orchestration conducted by the production team within a collaborative work environment covers the following aspects described in this paper: production surveillance (including alarming and alert events), well performance, production losses, artificial lift optimization, and key performance monitoring.

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