Managing large number of flow meters, coupled with varying fluid properties and subsurface comingled production from multiple reservoirs, is challenging in terms of static design data and dynamic calibration data. Applying intelligent approaches to flow meters calibration and overall Production Measurement Management System can be of distinguished benefit. This paper presents examples of Petroleum Development Oman (PDO’s) intelligent approaches in remote flow meters calibration and overall performance monitoring of production measurement systems.

The first example looks at the challenge in keeping multiphase flow meters fluid and PVT data configurations up to date in a field undergoing a gas injection where gas properties are changing with time. The concept of automatic remote calibration for gas properties is discussed and field trial results are presented.

The second example describes the initiative for an integrated production measurement management system (iPMMS). By integrating engineering design data and current operating environment, the system brings transparency, reliability and integrity to all the data around a measurement system. Such a system will enable production data user to evaluate the quality of the data before making key business decisions. The system will also facilitate in managing lifecycle changes for measurement systems.

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