Samarang is an existing oil field in offshore Sabah, East Malaysia, developed in 1975. It comprises of 7 wellhead, 3 production, 1 gas compression platforms and 1 Living Quarters. Majority of the platforms are provided with fully pneumatic instrumentation / control and shutdown systems, with no provision for remote monitoring/control except for SMG-A and part of SMDP-A.

Under Samarang Re-development project to increase Samarang production and improve reserve recovery, Integrated Operation (IO) applying real time optimization concept will be implemented.

The main challenges to achieve Samarang IO a real time monitoring and operation environment are as follows:

  • Extensive re-instrumentation work such as installation of electronic transmitters for wellhead and other surface facilities, actuated choke valves for gaslift control, sand monitoring system, downhole gauges & ICVs for smart wells, interfacing with well test meters, operational flowmeters, compressor control panels, instruments associated with separator & crude oil transfer pump etc.

  • Remote Terminal Units (RTU) for the remote unmanned satellites which require certification for Zone-2 hazardous area and weather proof to IP65

  • High reliability and availability designed RTU with dual redundant, hot failover and data buffering up to 5 days.

  • High Availability (HA) data historian configuration with hot failover PI interfaces data collection nodes to enable continuous and uninterrupted surveillance and optimization process.

  • Real time monitoring and control HMI at offshore Central Control Room (CCR), Operation office (SBO) and HQ in a Tri-Node Collaborative Working Environment.

  • The data communication upgrade from remote satellites to mother platform through Wireless Ethernet Radio using TCP/IP-DNP3 protocol; from offshore to onshore (about 55km) through Digital Microwave Radio and leased lines

This paper describes the implementation of Samarang IO key infrastructure – The Real Time Data Acquisition and Control System and underscores its benefits towards achieving real time monitoring and operation.

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