Today, production of oil and gas is faced by many challenges as the major sources become depleted. This leads into the exploitation of remote and inhospitable fields of deep water reservoirs, frigid arctic climates and for PDO hot dusty deserts. To maintain the highest possible production at these harsh operating environments, whilst meeting the challenges of personnel safety, lower operating costs and preserve environmental protection, forefront technologies are required to explore new ways of reducing the need of people to be in hazardous areas, and improve their productivity, safety and efficiency while onsite.

Smart Mobile Worker (SMW) provides the capability of "Remote-expert" mode between site staff and technical experts where experts anywhere in the world can be easily and immediately confronted with problems. Further, SMW introduces a new step change by delivering real time information to workers anywhere on site enabling them to make more informed timely decisions by bringing the right data resources and knowledge anywhere onsite.

The SMW concept is an essential shift towards realization of smarter sites by increasing field workers efficiency & productivity, and improving HSSE to achieve Goal Zero. Primary focus will be on Smart Sites because remote work is fundamental driver here.

This Manuscript describes a first pilot in the field where the focus was on SMW 1 Audio & Video functionality. It explains the use of this new technology in an operational environment where by with a minimum investment of time and money has delivered 50% improved production on one specific well. Also a significant improvement in efficientcy and reduction of HSE exposure was recorded. To underline SMW benefits we can show a trial video or live demo depending on some technical boundaries at the conference location.

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