In spite of impressive advances in drilling technology, the cost of drilling is soaring and represents a significant and increasing part of oil recovery investments. Data is available in abundance, but drilling teams are struggling to make sense and good use of the data in daily operations and decision making. By embedding analytics and decision making tools in "smart collaboration" solutions, we can make better use of scarce human expertise, help improve operational performance, and ensure compliance to safety standards.

We describe an implementation of smart collaboration for drilling. The solution supports decision making in a decentralized and multi-disciplinary team of engineers drilling complex wells in a large and mature offshore field. The system aids the team in carrying out challenging coordination and decision tasks in drilling, and is based on social media technology, mathematical decision models, and data visualization. Probabilistic decision models have been developed for a range of typical drilling problems, e.g. change bit, set casing, gas influx, etc.

Social media similar to the blogging and chatting tools we use in our private lives help team members to quickly obtain expert support, achieve a common situation understanding, and rapidly converge on a sound decision in complex drilling situations. Our solution combines high-level visualization of drilling status, risk and progress with problem-specific decision tools, all based on a common social collaboration platform integrated with the existing industry standard IT infrastructure of the operator company.

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