In fields with large number of wells, any improvement in the monitoring and production optimization processes can have a significant impact in the overall field performance.

With this vision, in April 2012, a new tool for optimizing PCP wells was introduced in PetroleumDevelopments Oman (PDO) as a trial. This new setup was based on enabling Pressure Control Setup (PCS) control that would allow the PCP speed to be adjusted based on well/reservoir potential assessedby a measurement from a downhole pressure gauge. The downhole pressure value is used as target value for this PCS controller.

This paper describes the main benefits about implement a PCS loop after implementation in two pilotPCP wells based on intake pressure. This setup enhances well operation by timely maximizing production and/or accelerating production optimization, protecting the pump against running dry and protecting the reservoir should a lower pressure limit be reached, e.g.a limit that can onset sand production or water coning.

An additional benefit of using this tool is the reduction of the required manpower which also reduces the HSE exposure due to less mobilization and traveling time, for the well optimization.

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