There is an emerging consensus in our industry and in regulatory agencies about the need to improve our visibility of operations and to standardize as well as orchestrate the execution of operation processes to achieve integrated operations, safety and security assurance.

The complexity and risk of real-­‐time exploration and production (E&P) operations is growing steadily along several axes: geology, operational environment, technology, distributed multi-­‐discipline teams and multi-­‐company teams. Operational performance, safety, and security assurance demand a high degree of situational awareness and real-­‐ time coordination.

At present, situational awareness is based on the visualization and monitoring of sensor data and, in some cases, of video feeds. Although data, video and audio travel through digital channels, they are rarely correlated or integrated. Decision makers are confronted with large amounts of data that are difficult to parse in real time and monitoring cannot be sustained over long periods of time because of distractions and fatigue. Furthermore, most decision making and coordination is based on people-­‐to-­‐people communication. These interactions are rarely captured, shared or integrated with other forms of data.

Other sectors involved in complex, high-­‐stakes, real-­‐time operations face similar conditions, for example, transportation, public safety or the military. They have learned to leverage digital technology to develop a "common picture of the operation" shared by all actors in a theater of operations. Sharing a common picture of the operation enables effective right-­‐time response, efficient collaboration, and consistent decision making,

In this paper we outline:

  • The case for integration of operations, safety, and security assurance to create a common operations picture

  • The capabilities of digital platforms to support a common picture of the operation

  • How those capabilities can be leveraged in E&P operations.

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