ADMA OPCO’s Digital Oilfield initiative includes the implementation of a collaboration platform across ADMA OPCO facilities, both onshore and offshore, and ready to support both existing and new fields.

Key requirements were an ability to support relatively low bandwidth communication to offshore, a low seat cost, and both desktop and multi-purpose room environments. The ability to simply include third parties was a key issue for the infrastructure choice. Ideally the new system would be compatible with existing standard Video Conferencing (VC) equipment, as well as provide enterprise "Presence", as well as application sharing and control. For the longer term we wanted to ensure we could support the new generation of mobile devices, especially those in common use in ADMA as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) by employees, and increasingly available in ruggedized and certified form for use in facility environments.

ADMA developed a pilot infrastructure, which included a prototype room design for our New Fields subsurface team, and one of our offshore control rooms, which was invaluable in evaluating recently available technology. The room design initially utilised low cost consumer grade large format televisions, using the TV devices as a switch, and supported the use of 3D Stereo for subsurface model displays, an educational smart board, and a 360 degree camera. The pilot was invaluable in confirming our platform choice, refining the technology (moving to a touch capable large format LCD, rather than the educational whiteboard, and the confirmation of the acceptability of video communication to an offshore control room, as two examples).

ADMA are now in the phase of moving to enterprise deployment of the system, utilising the learning’s from the initial pilot, and adapting to the rapid pace of technology change in this area. The paper will cover the experience of the use of consumer technology for collaboration and key decisions around infrastructure platform selection.

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