Increased demand in production and recovery, advancements in technologies and the desire to collaborate expertise across multiple assets are changing the work process at many oil and gas companies. Integrated Operations (IO) program describes the process, performance improvement and transformation of Petronas Carigali (PCSB) production operations. The program aims to help PCSB to address growth, organization and environmental challenges by integrating new transformational technologies with streamlined work processes and enables the followings:

  • Enables a more effective working environment

  • Work processes are streamlined and automated

  • Quality information is available and accessible across the organization

  • Collaborative expertise of multiple locations, teams and domains across distance

  • Intelligent alarms and alerts for continuous asset awareness

  • Increase hydrocarbon production and recovery

Samarang was the first field selected for end-to-end asset management IO project. Its implementation deliver objective and focus at the whole of the asset operation optimization through providing increasing levels of monitoring and surveillance, diagnosis, optimization and operations transformation in a way that fits PCSB's current IO state as well as future expansion plans.

The case study has shown following benefits since its inception in 2011:

  • An innovative parallel design process was invented to improve the efficiency and integrity of the design process

  • An Integrated Operations model was described and defined for framing, planning, design and execution of the project

  • Heightened monitoring and surveillance through installation and retrofitting of measurements and control devices

  • Introduction of "Functional Base with Asset Mindset" collaborative working environment across multiple locations, team and domains

  • Total asset optimization hybrid of steady-state and transient-state optimization

  • Production enhancement and reserve improvement based workflows

The goal of this paper is to describe the IO framework and underscore its benefits that can be drawn from the Samarang IO implementation.

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