The short answer to the question if the recent developments in Intelligent Wells Technology Advance the concept of IOR /EOR operations as posed in the title is "yes". However, lets’ explore and allow the reader to decide for themselves. IOR / EOR operations and projects in general are expensive in nature and any cost saving opportunity and process optimization is welcome. This is the premise of this paper.

More than 70-80% of the world’s remaining conventional reserves are contained in fields that are already on production. IOR and EOR methods are needed to access even a fraction of these remaining reserves. Deployment of Intelligent wells and associated monitoring and maintenance in conjunction with IOR and EOR processes can be expensive and as such has been restrictive only to high end operations. The industry is faced with the dual edge sword syndrome: enhance productivity with lower cost system. This translates to the need for deploying efficient systems to monitor IOR / EOR operations. This paper specifically addresses this topic.

One of the ways to address the above scenario is to come up with an extremely reliable system that is electronic and IP based rather than hydraulic (the current tradition) to address the intelligent monitoring and control. Combining such system of data monitoring with the most up to-date reservoir simulation system using the Jewel Earth platform that allows the use of unstructured gridding can result in fast and accurate response to reservoir monitoring and response with the ultimate goal of enhancing the reservoir recovery factor. The paper uses field examples to illustrate the features as described.

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