Almost a decade has passed since Saudi Aramco implemented its first intelligent completion in a remote area field. Nowadays, the field is the crown jewel of intelligent well completions worldwide, with a large number of inflow control valves (ICVs), a permanent downhole monitoring system (PDHMS), and multiphase flow meters (MPFMs).

This paper summarizes the lessons learned from the assessment and optimization of hundreds of laterals in the field. It also shows how proper ICV utilization leads to production optimization throughout the field. It sheds light on the best practices that helped to realize the full potential of those installations. Finally, the paper ends with recommendations for the way forward and conclusions.

Examples will be discussed in detail to show clearly the benefits and results that could be harvested from the use of intelligent completions. These examples will show some of the benefits that include the revival of dead laterals, controlling undesired fluid breakthrough, and managing sweep efficiency.

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