Intelligent Energy (iE) has been a major performance improvement initiative within many oil and gas companies for much of the last decade. It is therefore surprising to find that, although many companies have been successful, many continue to find it difficult to scale and sustain the change in the new way of working enabled by iE. This paper builds on the original paper presented at the Intelligent Energy 2010 conference and draws on the authors’ most recent experience of the practical implementation of iE in major oil and gas companies both international and national.

This paper gives insights and lessons learned into the skilled practice of the application of iE drawn from experiences major oil and gas companies. It will explore such topics as:

  • Scope of iE implementation

  • How do you scale iE?

  • How do you sustain iE?

  • Big bang versus evolutionary approach

  • Contracting strategies for iE

  • Leadership and management of change

  • Scaling of iE across an organisation

  • The role of a central programme office

  • What is next for iE?

It will also draw attention to some of the numerous pitfalls to be encountered along the way. It will finish by highlighting some of the new challenges and opportunities in iE.

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