The petroleum industry has recognized that DOF technologies make it possible to provide more efficient, accurate, and timely information to decision makers. Business value has already resulted from some DOF technology implementations, but there is still much opportunity to be captured and many lessons to learn to take full advantage of the digital oilfield.

The infusion of digital technologies into hydrocarbon upstream industries has significantly impacted the E&P business environment. In this new environment, it is imperative for organizations and their leaders to formulate and deploy strategies that strengthen:

  • Organizational structure and capabilities to support the use and care of DOF.

  • Comprehension business needs and expectations through clear communication.

  • Competencies of industry professionals to improve collective performance.

Pioneers are exploring venues to create adaptive business environments capable of integrating this technological change into their strategies and business value architecture. Continued improvisation of implementation methods can result in the perception that DOF is just very uncertain and wasteful to warrant significant time, attention, and resources. This paper describes a more ordered and disciplined implementation methods that may be used to facilitate tangible DOF progress facilitating the management of assets more intelligently.

This paper also undertakes the mission of uncovering various strategies and technologies for leveraging knowledge, experience, and decision making that could accelerate the progress of DOF implementation. Some of the content of the paper is based on actual survey results, on field observations, and on rational speculation about future trends and advances in DOF technologies and their implementation.

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